Meissa - The Shining One
          Goddess of Art, Healing, and Unity
Known throughout the ages by the names of Kshama, Shailan,
and finally Meissa, the Goddess of Art, Healing, and Unity
is known unto the realms as the Nightingale. She has been
seen on a pair of her own wings, in the form of a spritely
being, though some still occasionally glimpse the willowy
form of lore.
Art can be found all around the world of Pyrathia, in all
things from the glorious beauty of Nashira's natural realm
to the cities of stone and wood, crafted by the hands of
mortals. Art is an outlet in which a person's soul reaches
out through an instrument, a brush, a chisel or any one of
a hundred other implements to touch the physical world. A
work of Art is born, and the artist is a mother or father
unto his creation. There is a care - a real love - that is
required to create something truly artful and profound.
Expressing one's self through Art is a form of Healing in
its own right, and exploring the Art created by others can
give insights to their innermost truths. As such, each form 
of Art is valued equally, from musical and written word 
composition to sculpture and painting to collage and mosaic 
and beyond.
Healing is a sacred gift that mends wounds, cures sickness
and promotes wellness. However, for a follower of Meissa,
wellness is a concept that extends beyond the physical body, 
encompassing the mind, heart, and spirit of a man or woman.
To be truly well, one must seek to soothe wounds that lurk 
within as well as without. To truly defeat suffering is to
deny it access in any form. Some Meissans interpret this as
a call to prayer, while others view it as a call to arms. 
Whichever path an individual takes within the faith, this 
lifelong quest to find a perfect wholeness is surely not for 
everyone. For those who devote themselves to the Nightingale, 
however, it is a dogmatic truth that molds their existence.
Because they understand that Healing those that would harm
others defeats the overall intent of this sacred blessing,
Her faithful welcome into Her flock only those that cherish 
the light of Goodness in their souls.

Unity of the followers of the Light, as blessed by the gods 
of Truth, Righteousness, Love, Enlightenment, and Healing, 
creates a perfect harmony within their spirits. As all join
to reach common goals against evil in all its forms: Hatred,
Untruth, Vengeance, Disease and Conquest, strength is found
in this Unity. As there is a certain power to a single lute
being strummed upon the stage, there comes a greater vigor 
when an orchestra begins to play in harmony. As there is a
feeling invoked by a single color, when all combine to form
a rainbow, the heart and mind are captured. Meissa's flock
seeks to become perfectly-tuned instruments of Good so that
they may easily find themselves in harmony with others of 
the Light. Through introspection, they understand how their
actions affect this world on the whole, and they encourage
others of the Light to find the truth of this harmony in 
their own lives.